Current Projects

I currently am developing and managing the following plugins for WordPress.

AdRotate Banner Manager

2008 - Present

One of the easiest and most popular plugins on the market to add and manage your advertising campaigns in WordPress.
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AdRotate Professional

2012 - Present

The Premium version of AdRotate Banner Manager adding more features and more personal support for it's customers.
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Analytics Spam Blocker

2016 - Present

Easily report and get rid of Referral Spam in your website analytics. Currently this is the only plugin with a user friendly interface and solution to report new domains.
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No-Bot Registration for WordPress

2017 - Present

Brings a halt to automated registrations on your site by protecting login and sign-up forms with a user friendly captcha.
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Past Projects

Over the years I've developed and managed several plugins to various degrees of popularity and success. I've listed the more notable ones below.

WooCommerce Price Equality

2014 - 2016

Recalculate Value Added Tax in WooCommerce to be more fair for European customers.

Merchant E-Solutions Payment Gateway

2015 - 2017

Payment solution for WooCommerce to accept Credit Cards via Merchant E-Solutions.

RaboBank OmniKassa Payment Gateway

2013 - 2017

Payment solution for WooCommerce to accept popular Dutch/Belgian payment methods via OmniKassa.



Issued Jun 19, 2014 ~ USPTO # 86314210

ADROTATE Trademark for all services and software provided by Arnan de Gans.


Issued Jun 4, 2014 ~ OHIM # 012934444

ADROTATE Trademark for all services and software provided by Arnan de Gans.

In the press

Everything but a mainstream entrepreneur

April 2017
Online Article

Interview about Digital Nomads on
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What does it take to become an entrepreneur

August 2015
Online Article

Interview about how I started as an entrepreneur.
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WifiTea - Co-working space in Alkmaar

February 2014
Regional Newspaper

Brief editorial on the co-working space I co-founded in 2014.
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