Travel in broad strokes

My travels described below are in general terms and very broad strokes. Longer trips have multiple stops along the way were I stayed one or more nights to rest, catch a break or just because the place is nice or the weather sucked. Typically I travel up-to 300 kilometers per day. Sometimes less. So, long distances and multi day trips will have stops and overnight stays along the way.

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Manila to Puerto Galera

Me and my mom arrived in Manila for one night and the next day we got on a bus to Puerto Galera. The bus took the SLEX to Batangas where we boarded a small passenger boat to Puerto Galera

Specs: 2-3 hours, Bus and Boat.

Puerto Galera to Iloilo City

After almost 2 months in Puerto Galera we travelled to Iloilo City, again by bus. This took us across Mindoro Island, right past Boracay and across Panay Island.

Specs: 22 hours, Busses and Boat.

Iloilo City to Dumaguete City

After about a month we went to Dumaguete City via Bacolod and Sipalay. Once again using a bus. we stayed in Bacolod for 2 nights and a few days on the beaches of Sipalay.

Specs: 14 hours, Busses, tricycle and Boat.

Dumaguete City to Cebu City

A week in Dumaguete City and we were ready to move on. To Cebu City for a few days. We took a direct bus from terminal to terminal. Time for some shopping and big city exploring.

Specs: 6 hours, Bus and Boat.

Cebu City to Panglao

After a week or so in Cebu City we were on our way to Panglao Island, next to Bohol. This proved easy enough. Unfortunately the hotels in Panglao are not what they appear online. The booking I made was for a photoshopped dump. It took some doing to get a nice place.

Specs: 6 hours, Taxi, Bus, Boat and Tricycle.

Panglao to Bantayan Island

After a short while it was time to go to the next destination - Bantayan Island. We took a boat back to Cebu City and from there a bus to Bogo, way up in the north of Cebu Island. From there it was a boring boatride to Bantayan.

Specs: 12 hours, Taxi, Bus and Boats.

Bantayan Island to Iloilo City

Having explored the beach of Bantayan we decided to go back to Iloilo City and rent a house for a while. So we steered towards Panay and do some house hunting. The most direct route was a wooden passenger boat to Negros Island and then take the bus to Bacolod to take a regular ferry to Iloilo City

Specs: 8 hours, Bus, Boats and Taxi.

Iloilo City to Dumaguete City

Coming up short with houses in Iloilo City but still wanting to stay in one place for a while we decided to move to known ground where lots of foreigners are, and thus more houses.

Specs: 9 hours, Taxi, Bus and Boat.

Dumaguete City to Boracay Island

Having stayed in Dumaguete City for 6 months I got itchy to travel again. This time I would bring along my (now ex) girlfriend, which I met a few weeks prior. To Boracay and finally to Puerto Galera.

Specs: 16 hours, Busses and Boats.

Boracay Island to Puerto Galera

After a hellishly expensive week on Boracay, enjoying the beach, we moved on to Puerto Galera and rented an appartment near the beach for a few months. Here in Puerto Galera I bought my first motorbike.

Specs: 10 hours, Bus and Boat.

Puerto Galera to Siquijor Island

After a few months me and the girlfriend decided to drive to Dumaguete, to meet up with some family of my (now ex) girlfriend. Which we planned for for a while. We then drove down to Dumaguete over the course of 2 weeks. If you haul ass the actual travel time could be around 3 or 4 days. In Dumaguete City we broke up though.

Specs: 2 weeks, Motorbikes and Boats.

Siquijor Island to Puerto Galera

I decided to move on to Siquijor island and stayed there for about 5 months. I've explored every road of the island. After that I teamed up with my mom (JC) again and we drove our motorbikes to Puerto Galera.

Specs: 17 days, Motorbikes and Boats.

Puerto Galera to Lake Taal

Me and JC stayed in Puerto Galera for a few months. Enjoying the beach but also ran into some disappointments. We decided to make a big road trip over Mindoro Island and Luzon to end up in Baguio City. We drove to Mamburao over the course of a week or so to end up near Lake Taal on Luzon.

Specs: 1 week, Motorbikes and Boats.

Lake Taal to Naga City

Lake Taal was not at all impressive even though everyone said it was. At this point me and JC changed our plan a little bit as the rain-season had started in full swing. Instead of our original plan to go to Baguio City we decided to head south to Leyte.

Specs: 4 days, Motorbikes.

Naga City to Legazpi City

Naga City, simply being on the way to Leyte, was also the last major town before hitting Mount Mayon, the volcano that keeps erupting. Me and JC drove around the fallout from Mayon to Legazpi City where we stayed for about a week.

Specs: 6 hours, Motorbikes.

Legazpi City to Tacloban City

After watching the Volcano go boom JC and I drove further south to find Tacloban City. Where we got stuck in a rain storm for more than a week. The weather was absolutely dreadful. Tacloban made a decent recovery from the storms a few years back, despite what everyone kept telling us.

Specs: 5 days, Motorbikes and a Boat.

Tacloban City to Anda

When the weather finally cleared up a little, JC, my new girlfriend (now ex) and I headed south once again to Hilongos where we would take a ferry to Bohol Island to finally arive in Anda. A nice beach area with some tourism.

Specs: 1 day, Motorbikes and a boat.

Anda to Dumaguete City

After a week or so in Anda the three of us decided to settle down for a few months again, sit out the rain-season and renew visas from a rented house. So we drove to Dumaguete City where JC continued to Siquijor Island and me and my (now ex) girlfriend rented a house in Dumaguete City.

Specs: 3 days, Motorbikes and boats.


having spent a while in the Philippines, immigration law dictates me and JC leave the country. We decided to take a little vacation to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to do some shopping and be allowed to 'reset' our visa.

Dumaguete City to ...

I'm currently thinking about some shorter trips to Leyte, Samar and Bohol. I'd like to visit Moalboal and Northern Negros other than Bacolod. I'm also curious about Isla Gigantes and some other places.


As you'll see I've been to many places in the Philippines already. But there are plenty more places to explore. Such as North Luzon, and even parts of West Luzon. Palawan and Coron are as of yet unexplored, too.

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