What's a Versys-X

The Kawasaki Versys-X is a medium sized motorcycle aimed at adventure riding. It has a 300cc, parallel twin, 6 speed engine. The fuel capacity is 17 liters and if you really push it, you can go as fast as 150-160km/h. The engine is fuel injected and produces about 40 horses. I have the non-ABS model, which weighs about 168 kilograms wet. The effective range is close to 400 kilometers on a single tank of fuel.



I've made a bunch of additions and modifications to the Versys-X to suit its purpose better. I mostly like the motorcycle as-is. So nothing all that much has to change as far as I'm concerned. However, I'm always on the lookout for useful things to add.

This is my version of the Versys-X...

This is a bit of a work in progress but here are the things I've added or changed to the motorcycle.

Luggage Rack

I found a discrete luggage rack system that doesn't interfere with day-to-day use of the motorcycle. These sturdy hoops will protect my saddle bags from swinging into the wheel and they look kinda cool on the motorbike.

SW-Motech SLC Side Carrier

Saddle Bags

For luggage I have a set of saddle bags. These are 20 liters each and supposedly 100% waterproof. They have sturdy inserts to keep their shape. These will be invaluable for multi day trips around the Philippines.

DrySpec D20 Drybag Saddle Bags


Since most roads in the Philippines are broken in one way or another I got a set of tires that can deal with that. Even if the road is just a dual track these big blocks with large grooves between will get a grip on the situation.

Shinko E705 (110/80x19, 140/80x17)


To catch some footage of my road trips I use a action camera and mounting system. I usually film at 1080p/60hz but it can do slow motion and 4K video as well. I also have an older model as a backup or simply as secondary view.

Sony FDR-x3000, Sony HDR-AS100V, Ram Tough Claw, Ram suction cup mount, Ram Gopro base adapter, Ram short arm, Ram screw mount

Power outlet

To charge or power gadgets while riding I have installed a dual USB power outlet. This should be sufficient for 2 smartphones or a phone and a camera or something similar.

USB dual charger with sealing cap, Kawasaki Relay Kit

Phone mount

To see where I'm going or just be distracted while driving I can put a phone on the handlebars. This should make navigation more easy and forthcoming.

Ram u-Bolt, Ram short arm, Ram X-Grip, CM Flare P3 Lite

Bar Ends

Aftermarket bar ends, which look nicer than the stock ones. I briefly had lever guards on here, but they kinda sucked. So I'm going a different route now.

Rizoma Series 532

Tank Pad

To protect against scratches and general wear 'n tear. I got this soft tank pad.

Puig Soft Tank Pad (Carbon)

Software / Apps

To make driving a bit more efficient and interesting I use a few apps to help me navigate the Philippines and to keep track of fuel and weather.



Offline maps are a must in a country where internet is not a given.



Keep track of fuel consumption and milage. It also finds fuel stations.



More detailed maps, sometimes. But requires fast internet.



Sometimes I even check on the weather so I can avoid the rain.

Questions about my motorbike?

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