My motorcycle build

These are the mods I've made to my BMW F850GS Adventure. As well as the accessories I've put on. Nothing too fancy, just the essentials.
If you have questions or if you have ideas for useful additions to the bike feel free to send a message using the icons on the lower left.

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Download GPX routes


I love to go on road trips, and explore back roads all over the place. Even if people say I shouldn't. I also like to plan routes and go where tourists generally do not go. Visit little villages and seeing things most tourists don't. If you're looking for the best route to Chichen Itza or Mexico City, this is not the page for you, though some routes may take you there... If you're looking for a touring adventure and want to take round-about ways on secondary roads and trails then you're in the right place.

I've driven all these routes on a motorcycle. All routes have a generic Start and (often) End point in the city/place I stayed at at the time of the adventure. All downloads are created as a GPX file and include Waypoints, Track data and often a bunch of POI. Most GPS devices can import these. Some apps for iOS/Android can too - I use OsMand for iPhone.


I'm currently in Mexico and with my BMW F850GSA ready for action I'm making overtime planning all kinds of routes and adventures. You'll find the noteworthy ones below.

Cancun - Valladolid

Distance: ~316Km (~196miles)
Duration: Day trip
Date: March 2021
Road condition: Paved. Expect potholes.
Description: An easy route from Cancun to Valladolid and back, passing through small towns with old Spanish architecture. Includes several POI along the way and touristy attractions in Valladolid to visit.
» Download Valladolid route «

Cancun - Punta Allen

Distance: ~356Km (~220miles)
Duration: Day trip
Date: March 2021
Road condition: Mostly unpaved. Expect potholes, gravel, loose sand, puddles, washed away trails and debris.
Description: A challenging route from Cancun to Punta Allen and back. Heading into the Sian Ka'an nature preserve, all pavement ends. The trail to Punta Allen takes about 2-3 hours (one way) at a 20-30km/h pace. The trail was mostly destroyed and hard to navigate. Entry into the nature preserve is $90MXN per person/vehicle.
» Download Punta Allen route «

Cancun - Tizimin

Distance: ~397Km (~246miles)
Duration: Day trip
Date: April 2021
Road condition: Paved, expect some potholes/rough patches. Narrow/overgrown road lanes in some areas.
Description: Easy touring through north-eastern rural Yucatan. Pass through many small villages. Route includes several POI such as a Cenote, old churches and buildings.
» Download Tizimin route «

Cancun - Merida

Distance: ~691Km (~429miles)
Duration: Multi day trip
Date: April 2021
Road condition: Mostly paved, expect potholes. Narrow/overgrown road lanes in some areas. 2 unpaved stretches.
Description: Easy ride crossing Quintana Roo into Yucatan to Merida and back. Explore central/northern rural Yucatan. Pass through many small villages. Route includes several POI such as a Cenote, old churches and buildings. 2 stretches of gravelly roads are unpaved as marked in the POI.
» Download Cancun to Merida route «
» Download Merida to Cancun route «

IMPORTANT: In Mexico, expect police checkpoints at key points along roads. If the checkpoint is active, police, army or the national guard may check your luggage for drugs and weapons. In many cases they'll also want to see your drivers license ask some questions about your trip; origin, destination, that sort of thing. Checkpoints often come unannounced and expect officers to stop you at the last second. Always slow down while passing through a checkpoint.

the Philippines

Between 2015 and 2019 I lived in the Philippines. I've travelled a lot through the country on a Honda XR150L and Kawasaki Versys X300. Some of the more memorable routes and experiences are below.

Batangas to Dumaguete City (Via Iloilo City)

Distance: ~954Km (~590miles)
Duration: 4-5 days (casual pace)
Date: September 2017
Road condition: Paved/concrete roads. Some tight turns and steep inclines. Traffic and roadworks can be chaotic/reckless.
Description: A mostly easy to traverse route following mostly major roads. Plenty of scenic views and opportunities for breaks, snacks and sightseeing along the way. Ferry services can be unreliable. Ports and some alternatives are marked as waypoint or POI. Also marked are hotels/motels so you have a place to stay along the route or while waiting for ferries.
» Download Batangas to Dumaguete (Via Iloilo) route «

Batangas to Dumaguete City (Via Tacloban/Samar)

Distance: ~1526Km (~948miles)
Duration: 6-8 days (casual pace)
Date: February 2018
Road condition: Mostly paved/concrete roads. Rural roads in average condition, expect some caved in lanes due to erosion. Traffic and roadworks can be chaotic/reckless.
Description: Follow parts of the Pan Philippine Highway (AH26) through the Islands of Luzon, Samar and Leyte. Hop over to Bohol and Cebu Island to finally reach Dumaguete City on Negros Island. Plenty of scenic views, a (often active) volcano and many twisting roads. Pass through hundreds of small villages and towns on your way. Ferry services can be unreliable. Includes POI with hotels/motels so you have a place to stay along the route as well as some attractions to visit.
» Download Batangas to Dumaguete (Via Tacloban) route «

IMPORTANT: In the Philippines, if the adventure includes ferry crossings, and most do, make sure you have all paperwork for your vehicle for the ferry ports prepared, bring multiple copies of everything. Never submit originals, you won't get them back! It's often easiest to just show up at the ticket office, ask what they want and in what order. Also check with the coast guard/navy what they want to see for your clearance to board. The documentation required always revolves around a valid registration and ownership documents. Check with each port what you'll need. There is no standard procedure, each port has its own idiosyncrasies.

THE #DUH DISCLAIMER: At the time of riding I did not encounter issues and made it through fine. Roads may be remote and have no cell-service, use off-line maps. Road conditions may be poor. Never ever go on a trip without preparing for adventure! Your life may depend on it.